nCino to acquire DocFox in cloud banking fintech deal.

March 19, 2024
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nCino, a cloud banking fintech firm, has signed an agreement to acquire DocFox, a solution provider automating onboarding experiences for commercial and business banking. The acquisition aims to streamline onboarding processes and provide a modern experience in the banking sector. The combined offering will help financial institutions manage the entire client lifecycle more efficiently.

Cloud Banking Fintech nCino to Acquire DocFox

nCino, a NASDAQ-listed company known for cloud banking solutions, has announced the acquisition of DocFox, a technology provider focused on automating onboarding processes in commercial and business banking. The integration of DocFox’s technology into nCino’s platform aims to simplify and streamline client experiences in the banking sector, particularly in complex onboarding and account opening procedures.

The acquisition is seen as a strategic move to digitize and automate processes that have traditionally been time-consuming and complex. DocFox’s solution has helped institutions reduce onboarding processes from weeks to days, offering a faster and more efficient experience for both employees and clients.

Key Points:

  • nCino acquires DocFox, a technology provider for automating onboarding in commercial and business banking.
  • The acquisition aims to streamline complex onboarding processes and provide a modern banking experience.

nCino’s CEO, Pierre Naudé, highlighted the importance of the acquisition in enhancing the firm’s single platform vision and delivering value to financial institutions seeking to optimize their onboarding and account opening processes. DocFox’s CEO, Ryan Canin, expressed excitement about joining forces with nCino and providing real solutions to industry challenges through technology.

The acquisition is expected to close in March 2024, with DocFox bringing over 450 customers from three continents to nCino’s portfolio. Financial advisors and legal counsels from both sides were involved in facilitating the acquisition process, emphasizing the strategic significance of the move in the banking technology space.

Overall, the acquisition of DocFox by nCino represents a significant step towards driving innovation and efficiency in commercial and business banking onboarding processes, ultimately aiming to enhance client experiences and streamline operations in the financial services industry.

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