Exciting update: Fintech shines at the Notwics event review.

March 22, 2024
1 min read


  • Notwics hosted a breakfast roundtable covering private Tech space in the UK and EU.
  • The discussion focused on UK Tech IPO environment, M+A exits, and implications for VCs.

Notwics recently hosted a breakfast roundtable that brought together key players in the private Technology space in the UK and EU. The discussion primarily revolved around the UK Tech IPO environment, potential M+A exits, and the implications for venture capitalists. Neil Shah, Head of LSE Tech IPOs, and Barbara Spurrier, the Queen of UK M&A at CFPro, shared insights and wisdom with the audience, providing reassurance and peace of mind regarding the current state of the IPO market in 2024. The UK IPO space was reported to be lively with a strong pipeline in Fintech, Semiconductor, Deep-Tech, and AI sectors. The discussion also touched upon the differences between the UK and US IPO markets, highlighting the advantages of IPO-ing in the UK for British firms. Ultimately, the event provided valuable insights and opportunities for collaboration in the fintech industry.

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