CEO of Visa Inc wowed by India’s booming fintech industry.

March 19, 2024
1 min read


  • Visa Inc CEO impressed with India’s fintech sector and plans to invest in Generative AI and fintechs in the country.
  • The company sees an enormous opportunity in India and views fintech companies as potential partners.

In an exclusive interaction at the Rising Bharat Summit, CEO of VISA INC, Ryan Mcinerney, expressed admiration for India’s fintech sector, particularly in the area of QR code payments. The company is looking to invest in Generative AI space and fintechs in India to create more curated payment experiences for users, especially small businesses. Mcinerney highlighted the importance of regulatory compliance and trust in digital payments, praising the innovative approach taken by Indian regulators.

The CEO also discussed partnerships with fintech companies, emphasizing VISA’s openness to collaboration and its commitment to promoting the growth of digital payments in India. IndiaStack, a set of APIs that enables unique digital infrastructure, was also mentioned as a significant opportunity for export. Mcinerney addressed concerns about cybersecurity, noting the company’s efforts to protect its network from cyber attacks and ensure the safety of digital payments.

VISA Inc’s deep commitment to India was underscored by plans for new office and market support centre, as well as the launch of a new internal social media platform. The Rising Bharat Summit, a leadership event by Network 18, is set to explore India’s emergence as a global power through insightful discussions and visionary keynote addresses.

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