Trust in Web3 tech stronger 15 months post-FTX launch.

March 21, 2024
1 min read


  • 15 months after the FTX collapse, trust in Web3 technology is at an all-time high.
  • Institutional interest in digital assets has surged, with major players like BlackRock and HSBC embracing tokenization.

15 months after the FTX bankruptcy, the trust in Web3 technology has never been stronger. Despite the significant meltdown in November 2022, the market has quickly turned around with the approval of bitcoin ETFs by the SEC. This has led to increasing interest from institutional investors, with BlackRock’s bitcoin ETF becoming the fastest growing in history. Institutions like HSBC have also entered the digital bond market on the public Ethereum network, signaling a significant milestone in the adoption of blockchain technology.

Another key development has been the advancement of privacy technology, particularly zero-knowledge (ZK) solutions, which have enabled trustless verification of transactions without broadcasting them on the blockchain network. This technology has the potential to revolutionize business processes and improve efficiency while reducing compliance and operational costs. Additionally, the rise of AI technology has led to collaborations with blockchain firms to enhance transparency and auditability in AI models across various industries.

Overall, the rapid turnaround in the digital assets market can be attributed to the development of blockchain infrastructure, increased enterprise adoption, and advancements in privacy and AI technologies. With smart money investing in digital finance and embracing decentralized finance, the future of Web3 technology looks promising.

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