RiVirtual hits 100K sign-ups: India’s top FinTech and PropTech platform

January 28, 2024
1 min read

TLDR: RiVirtual, a leading FinTech and PropTech platform, has announced that it has reached a milestone of 100,000 real estate professionals signed up in India. The platform connects businesses in the real estate industry with highly skilled professionals and aims to transform the industry by harnessing the power of user and Pro collaboration.

The RiVirtual Real Estate Intelligence Platform offers a diverse range of expertise and services, empowering businesses to access top-tier real estate professionals regardless of their location. The platform’s success in attracting diverse professionals is attributed to its commitment to quality, reliability, and a seamless user experience. It offers features such as advanced search filters, secure payment systems, and real-time communication tools, ensuring efficient collaboration between professionals and businesses in the real estate industry.

Reaching the milestone of 100,000 professionals signed up in India is seen as a major accomplishment for RiVirtual and demonstrates professionals’ trust and confidence in the platform. The company CEO, Raj Varma, expressed pride in the team’s dedication and hard work, as well as the support from the real estate community in India.

RiVirtual plans to continue expanding its services and partnerships across India to meet the growing demand for real estate and home improvement work in the sector. By connecting professionals with businesses seeking their expertise, the platform aims to contribute to the growth and transformation of the real estate industry in the country, creating new opportunities for professionals and driving economic development.

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