Power Pod: Revamped Finance Lab Dives into Money Matters and Markets

February 6, 2024
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Muhlenberg College has renovated its Finance Lab, providing students with access to real-time market data and financial software. The updated space allows students to strengthen their analytical skills and make investment decisions in a risk-free environment. The College believes that these experiences will improve students’ job market placement. The Finance Lab is being used in multiple classes, and the Finance Program is working to establish learning goals specific to the resources in the lab. Both students and faculty are excited about the new space and the opportunities it provides.

The Finance Lab at Muhlenberg College has received a renovation, allowing students to engage more deeply with financial data and market conditions. The lab now features financial tickers and built-in computers that run financial software programs like StockTrak and Morningstar Direct. This investment from the College will enhance experiential learning opportunities and build in-demand skills for students interested in finance.

Associate Professor of Economics and Chair of the Department of Accounting, Business, Economics and Finance, Lindsey Nagy, explains that the updated space provides students with the ability to analyze trends, perform predictive forecasting, and understand how various factors can affect the markets. This allows students to make informed decisions and develop investment strategies. Nagy believes that these experiences in the Finance Lab will increase students’ human capital and improve their job market placement.

The Finance Lab is already being utilized in multiple classes, with Muhlenberg College gaining campus-wide access to StockTrak last fall. Morningstar Direct access began this semester, and Nagy anticipates its use will expand further in the next academic year. The Finance Program is working to establish learning goals specific to the resources in the lab, allowing finance students to progress from introductory skills to mastery as they advance through their major.

Both students and faculty are excited about the renovated space and the financial tools and resources it provides. The new lab has brought a surge of energy into the program and faculty have been eager to experiment with integrating the tools and data into their lectures and assignments. Students have also been eager to start projects that require pulling financial data and reviewing Morningstar analyst reports.

Muhlenberg College is confident that the renovated Finance Lab will enhance the learning experience for students and provide them with valuable skills for their future careers in finance.

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