Payments Fintech MeaWallet partners with Mexico’s Fondeadora.

March 15, 2024
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  • Mexico’s Fondeadora partners with MeaWallet for digital payment services.
  • Fondeadora aims to empower individuals with control over their finances.

In a recent announcement, MeaWallet, a digital payments enabler specializing in card tokenization, has partnered with Fondeadora, a financial service provider in Mexico. Fondeadora, known for being a digital alternative to traditional Mexican banking, is focused on empowering individuals by giving them control over their finances. They were one of the first Mexican mobile-only banks and have been at the forefront of innovative financial solutions in the region.

Fondeadora made headlines last year by introducing Apple Pay to the Mexican market and has now reinforced its commitment to secure digital payment services by partnering with MeaWallet. The partnership utilizes MeaWallet’s expertise in card tokenization to power Fondeadora’s offerings, including services like Apple Pay and Google Pay. This collaboration highlights the growing preference for mobile and online banking in Mexico, driven by a digital lifestyle.

The integration of Mastercard Digital Enablement Service (MDES) and MeaWallet’s SDK Push Provisioning ensures secure and efficient digital payment solutions for Mexican consumers. Rodrigo Sanchez, COO of Fondeadora, emphasizes the importance of new digital payment services to include the unbanked population in Mexico. Ignacio Gironella, Global Sales Director at MeaWallet, expresses excitement about supporting Fondeadora with tokenization services and enabling safe participation in the financial system.

Overall, MeaWallet and Fondeadora’s partnership represents a step towards empowering individuals in Mexico with secure, convenient, and inclusive financial solutions through innovative digital payment services.

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