nCino’s big move: Acquiring DocFox for future growth.

March 18, 2024
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Key points:

  • nCino, a cloud banking company, is set to acquire DocFox, a solution provider specializing in automating onboarding experiences for commercial and business banking.
  • The acquisition aims to streamline the onboarding and account opening processes for financial institutions, providing a more efficient and modern experience for clients.

In a strategic move, nCino has announced its definitive agreement to acquire DocFox, a leading solution provider in automating onboarding experiences for commercial and business banking. This acquisition is set to revolutionize the onboarding process for financial institutions, simplifying and automating complex processes to create better client experiences.

DocFox’s technology is designed to simplify and automate the onboarding and account opening process for commercial and business banking, reducing the time from weeks to days or even hours. By integrating into nCino’s platform, the combined offering will enable financial institutions to manage the entire client lifecycle more intelligently and efficiently.

nCino’s CEO, Pierre Naud√©, expresses excitement about the acquisition, stating that it will extend the company’s existing functionality and deliver a modern experience in the commercial and business banking sector. DocFox’s Co-Founder & CEO, Ryan Canin, also shares enthusiasm about the merger, highlighting the shared visions and commitments to providing real solutions to industry challenges.

The acquisition is expected to bring significant value to financial institutions seeking to automate and digitize the onboarding process, ultimately providing faster, more simplified, and efficient experiences for clients. With DocFox’s extensive customer base and nCino’s expertise in cloud banking, this strategic move is set to enhance the overall banking solutions space.

This acquisition represents a major step towards digitizing and streamlining complex processes in the financial services industry, ultimately aiming to provide a seamless and modern client experience.

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