Linq360 partners with Relativity6 for AI-Industry Classification in Insurance.

March 15, 2024
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Article Summary


  • Relativity6 partners with Linq360 to revolutionize small commercial data for insurance and fintech underwriting clients.
  • The collaboration aims to improve accuracy and efficiency in identifying and classifying businesses.

Relativity6, a technology company specializing in AI-powered industry classification, has announced a partnership with Linq360, an entity resolution solution provider. This collaboration is set to transform small commercial data for underwriting teams in the insurance and fintech sectors. By integrating Relativity6’s AI technology, Linq360’s clients can expect enhanced accuracy and efficiency in identifying and classifying businesses. This partnership aims to streamline underwriting operations, ensuring resilience and agility in navigating complex business identity challenges.

Josh Lurie, COO of Relativity6, highlighted the compatibility between the two companies in tackling complex small commercial data issues. Brandon Smith, Co-founder of Linq360, expressed excitement about addressing challenges in the underwriting process and revolutionizing the front end of underwriting. The goal is to help carriers find, quote, and bind more policies effectively.

Relativity6, known for its AI-driven industry classification solutions, is recognized as the fastest and most accurate NAICS detector in the market. Backed by prominent investors, the company continues to innovate in the field of AI-driven industry classification. Linq360, on the other hand, offers comprehensive data solutions to support various workflows, sales, and marketing efforts.

The partnership between Relativity6 and Linq360 represents a significant advancement in the insurance and fintech underwriting landscape. By leveraging AI technology, underwriting teams can navigate challenges more effectively and efficiently, ultimately enhancing the overall process of identifying and classifying businesses in the small commercial sector.

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