Innovation, inclusivity, good governance: key to fintech success – Castler’s Amit

March 14, 2024
1 min read


  • Good governance is essential for fintech success, according to experts from Castler, Perfios,, and Google Cloud India.
  • Innovation, inclusivity, and compliance with regulations are key factors for building a successful fintech business.

Fintech startups are facing challenges in compliance after recent crackdowns by the RBI. Kumar Amit from Castler emphasizes the importance of good governance for long-term success in the fintech industry. Rajesh Mirjankar of highlights the need for inclusive technology adoption, especially in rural India. Vinay Sathyanarayan from Perfios stresses the importance of premiumisation and personalisation in differentiating fintech offerings.

Harshad Satam from Google Cloud India underlines the importance of improving customer experience for fintechs. Castler, with recent funding, is focusing on innovative products like digitizing the trusteeship model. is recognized for its global presence in digital services for financial institutions and governments. Perfios emphasizes the role of account aggregators in fast-tracking the digitization of banking processes.

Google Cloud India is working on becoming an ecosystem enabler for banks, using technology to solve industry challenges. Overall, India is seen as a top innovator in fintech, with a strong regulatory framework to support growth in the industry.

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