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January 12, 2024
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  • Microsoft is rebranding its web portal from MSN to Microsoft News.
  • The new platform aims to provide personalized news content for a better user experience.

Microsoft is rebranding its long-standing web portal MSN to Microsoft News, as the technology giant aims to revamp the platform and offer users a more personalized news experience. The company seeks to deliver news to users based on their interests while also incorporating AI technology to curate content.

Microsoft News will be available both as a website and through mobile apps on iOS and Android devices. The revamp focuses on reimagining news delivery, aiming to provide users with credible and reliable sources based on their preferences and interests.

The rebranding comes as a response to the growing trend of people customizing their news consumption experience, as individuals increasingly seek tailored content that aligns with their interests and beliefs. Microsoft News aims to deliver by leveraging AI and machine learning algorithms.

While Microsoft has been delivering news through its MSN platform for years, its effort to personalize news consumption will may help the company compete against other targeted news services like Apple News and Google News. Key features of Microsoft News include:

Personalized News

Microsoft News will enable users to select preferences and interests to create a personalized news experience. The platform will learn from the user’s choices and adapt accordingly to deliver curated content matching their interests.

Trusted Sources

The new platform aims to provide users with reliable and fact-checked news from trusted sources worldwide. Microsoft will collaborate with news organizations such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and others to ensure high-quality content.

New Features

Microsoft News introduces a range of new features, including a “dark mode” for night reading, continuous voice reading, and an improved user interface for enhanced readability and navigation.

Moreover, Microsoft News will join forces with Microsoft Edge, the company’s web browser, enabling users to access news instantly from their browser homepage or new tab page.

Microsoft aims to reposition itself as a significant player in the personalized news ecosystem with its rebranding efforts. While the company faces fierce competition in the digital news space, Microsoft News strives to differentiate itself by focusing on customization, credibility, and the integration of AI technology.

The rebranding from MSN to Microsoft News reflects Microsoft’s commitment to providing users with constantly evolving, data-driven, and personalized news experiences, delivering credible information tailored to their interests in an era of increasing news customization.

In conclusion, the rebranding of MSN to Microsoft News aims to create a more personalized and tailored news experience for users. The platform leverages AI technology to curate content based on user preferences, collaborates with trusted sources, and introduces new features for improved usability. Microsoft’s repositioning underscores the growing trend of customized news consumption and their dedication to delivering credible and reliable news in a personalized manner.

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