FiX: Fintech Islands’ Premier Force in Financial Technology Innovation.

January 15, 2024
1 min read

Fintech Islands Experience (FiX) is set to host its second conference, FiX24, at the Sam Lord’s Castle Wyndham Grand Barbados from January 24–26, 2024. The event aims to bring together fintech industry leaders, start-up founders, policymakers, and financial regulators from around the world to explore the growth and development of fintech in Latin America and the Caribbean. The conference will focus on promoting financial inclusion, expanding access to financial services, and driving economic growth in the region. With over 700 participants expected to attend, FiX24 will feature panel discussions, networking opportunities, and a startup pitch competition for early-stage fintech companies from the Caribbean. The conference aims to highlight the role of fintech in creating a more inclusive financial ecosystem in the region.

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