Fannie Mae squeezing local home financing solutions with chokehold tactics.

March 4, 2024
1 min read


  • The housing conversation focuses on bringing prices down, while the financial conversation focuses on increasing access to debt.
  • Fannie Mae’s role in the housing market has led to the creation of financial products that benefit the financial industry more than the average consumer.

In the article “How Fannie Mae Puts a Chokehold on Local Home Financing Solutions,” the author discusses the two different conversations taking place about housing: one focused on lowering prices and the other on increasing access to debt. The author criticizes the simplistic understanding of the housing conversation, pointing out that financial institutions like Fannie Mae have played a significant role in shaping the housing market to benefit themselves.

By reducing down payment requirements and extending loans to riskier borrowers, Fannie Mae has contributed to the increase in housing prices and debt consumption. The author highlights the structural problems within the centralized financial system that prioritize profit over affordability.

The article calls for bottom-up action to address the challenges in the housing market and suggests that true change will only come when there is a shift away from centralized capital towards more community-focused solutions. The upcoming release of the Strong Towns book, “Escaping the Housing Trap,” aims to spark a transformative conversation about rethinking housing in North America.

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