Dutch fintech Levenue grows with MidFunder acquisition, broadening portfolio.

March 13, 2024
1 min read


  • Dutch fintech company Levenue has acquired MidFunder, a Zurich-based fintech that provides financing for companies with recurring revenue.
  • The acquisition will allow Levenue to accelerate and solidify its operations in Switzerland.

Dutch fintech Levenue has recently expanded its portfolio by acquiring MidFunder, a Zurich-based fintech that focuses on providing financing for companies with recurring revenue. MidFunder was created to address the challenge faced by many founders in securing funding from traditional financial institutions such as banks, which often require personal guarantees and result in lengthy waiting periods and potential rejection. The platform offered by MidFunder assesses companies within 48 hours and provides funds typically within three days of being listed on the marketplace, with an underwriting process that includes accounting data and revenue growth analysis to ensure unbiased financial evaluation.

Levenue’s CEO, Benjamin Rieder, expressed the company’s alignment with MidFunder’s mission of providing non-dilutive capital for businesses. The acquisition of MidFunder will enable Levenue to strengthen its presence in Switzerland, as both companies share a similar mindset, tech stack, and business model. Levenue previously acquired Belgian fintech Cake and Dutch company Requr, further expanding its reach in the European market.

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