Dear Penny, pre-engaged with income differences, help finance the ring.

February 23, 2024
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Summary of Dear Penny Article

TLDR: Key Points

  • A woman in her early 30s wants an engagement ring that costs $5,000, but her boyfriend cannot afford it due to a difference in income.
  • She is unsure how to fairly finance the ring given their financial situation.

In the article “Dear Penny: We’re pre-engaged. Our incomes differ. How can we fairly finance a ring?” Dana Miranda advises the woman to communicate with her boyfriend about the meaning of the engagement ring and their roles in funding it. She encourages the woman to get the ring she wants without feeling guilty. Dana suggests considering the symbolism of the ring and how it plays into their relationship dynamics.

The woman is in a gender-swapped career situation with her boyfriend and currently covers a larger share of expenses due to her higher income. Dana emphasizes the importance of understanding what the engagement ring represents to each partner and finding a solution that aligns with their values and relationship dynamic. She suggests exploring alternatives such as a lower-cost proposal gift or experiencing the joy of the proposal moment without the focus on the ring’s cost.

Ultimately, the article highlights the importance of open communication, understanding each other’s perspectives, and finding a solution that ensures both partners feel comfortable and valued in the decision-making process regarding the engagement ring.

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