Allied Banking Corp. soars to the cloud with Finastra’s migration

January 18, 2024
1 min read

The Allied Banking Corporation has migrated its core banking operations to the cloud with the help of Finastra. The bank has upgraded to Finastra’s Essence solution, a next-generation cloud-driven core banking system, and has also implemented Finastra’s Retail Analytics solution for improved reporting capabilities. The migration to the cloud and the upgrade to a new system will allow the bank to future-proof its operations and expand into new products and services. Finastra worked closely with the bank to ensure a smooth transition for its customers. By moving to the cloud and adopting a SaaS model, the bank can focus on customer management and growth activities while Finastra takes care of the technology.

Finastra is pleased to have helped Allied Banking Corporation with its digital transformation journey and commitment to delivering an innovative banking experience. The successful migration to the cloud demonstrates that it is possible for banks to modernize their core banking systems and move directly to next-gen systems on the cloud, gaining efficiency, innovation, and agility benefits while maintaining a high level of customer service. Finastra looks forward to continuing to support Allied Banking Corporation as it becomes even more competitive in the future.

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